KYOPO: An individual of Korean ethnic descent and living outside of Korea

KYOPO is a photographic and textual contemporary art project that profiles over 200 individuals of Korean ethnicity, mainly Americans. It’s a story about the evolution of identity and culture.
The individuals are posed frontally, their eyes returning the camera's and the viewer's gaze, against the static backdrop of the photographer's studio with a deliberate falsification of scale. Thus, each subject connects with and mirrors the others, while also reflecting their inherent differences. Ranging in age from teen to septuagenarian, the subjects are novelists, actors, politicians, comedians, athletes, executives and retirees.
Interviews delve into being Asian American, a Korean adoptee, mixed race, and discusses the juggling of the collective vs. the individual way of thinking. We learn about the generational, familial and societal issues that these subjects experience.

What surfaces from this group is essentially a global race. A country that has been shaped by the contributions of immigrants from multiple cultures continues to significantly define what it means to be an American today.

KYOPO Collective Portrait © CYJO  

Astrid Park © CYJO  

Malco Kim © CYJO  

Maggie Kim © CYJO  

Dale Pittner © CYJO  

Grace Lyu-Volckhausen © CYJO  

Daniel Dae Kim © CYJO